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Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by SamNF, Jul 24, 2003.

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    [RFC = Request for Comments, to those who asked]

    Hey all. I'm getting ready to put together a new budget system for 80% Music, 20% HT. I'm leaving alone the HT part until I know how my income's going to be and going for a receiver and a stereo pair for now. FYI, my musical tastes tend to be Jazz/Dixieland/BigBand, Classical, Folk/Celtic and Rock/Alternative. I would never inflict Rap or HipHop on a set of innocent speakers. So detail and accuracy are my main concerns. Nominal $500-600 budget.

    I've listened to the Best Buy/Circuit City stuff. Hmmm. Hated the Sonys...boomy. Klipsch, too in-your-face and screechy, piano sounded unnatural. JBL system wasn't working. Yamaha so-so. The Athena bookshelf speakers were a nice surprise; I'd consider them a possibility. Polk - R30 & R50 sounded pretty good in floor models, if a bit chesty. The RTi38s weren't hooked up for stereo, so I couldn't get a good idea of them. The Infinity Entra bookshelf speaker actually sounded pretty good with a sub, at least compared to the Polks on hand. That gives you an idea of at least my limited preferences.

    Based on what I've been reading around, I'm focusing now on the following (but am still very open):

    Ascend: CBM-170
    Axiom: M2i, M3ti, M22ti
    Polk: LSi7

    Onkyo TX-SR500, 600 etc. Or other good recommendation.

    I'm thinking a pair of CBM-170s and an Onkyo receiver, which would be about my budget. Any other suggestions? I'm guessing I wouldn't like the purported "laid-back" sound of Rockets. I'm also extremely curious about how the Polk LSi7s would compare at $350. (And how they'd be for a low end receiver)
    I'm not springing for stands yet either, just putting the speakers on a shelf. And then, a sub would be nice...

    So basically, I just want some feedback, comments, and replies to my questions. Thanks. That long-winded enough?

    PS - By the way, I'm ammenable to offers if anyone is looking to upgrade their own setup.
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    For the money, I do not think you can do any better than the Ascends or Axioms.

    I own Ascends, and have heard the Axiom M22's. What it will boil down to is preference.

    I have a preference to Harman/Kardon and Marantz at that end of the scale. You can get good deals on H/K stuff at www.harmanaudio.com , and Marantz at www.ac4l.com

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