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Review: Summer Catch (1 Viewer)

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
Review: Summer Catch
I'm a sucker for baseball movies, and Summer Catch had just the right amount of light-hearted comedy with a splash of Romeo and Juliet (Freddie Prinze Jr and Jessica Biel) thrown in as the backdrop of 2 lovers who find themselves at crossovers of choosing their careers and the life their parents want for each of them.
This isn't a horrible film, nor is it an exceptional film, but I found the characters like-able enough to recommend it to a younger demographic (teens) and baseball movie aficianados. I thought the setup for the conclusion was pretty good, acenting the important things in the grand scheme of things when love and baseball are involved.
Some people loath Prinze Jr, but I thought he was believable as a southpaw pitcher (though I didn't quite buy that he was able to throw in the 90's MPH because his mechanics weren't that great), and as a guy struggling to make sense of his baseball talent, the non-lure of life as a landscape/lawn dude, and balancing it with the newfound love of his life. Jessica Biel was also pretty good as the love interest who comes from a wealthy family and is smitten by Prinze's characters, while having to deal with with her father wants for her life, while not really listening to her wants/desires for her life. Matthew Lilliard provided quite a few chuckles as the sidekick (again) to Prinze, and there are some other storylines of the players on the team that produce some chuckles as well.
Overall, I give it a grade of C+ or 2.5 stars.
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Graeme Clark

Senior HTF Member
Jan 5, 2000
You forgot the most important part..... how was Fez?
I can't see this movie doing any serious box office numbers.

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