Review of the EGO and ID (Dillon Acoustics and BPD sub)....Here you go Lewis!

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  1. The other day, Lewis came over to my place to have a listen to my new system. we went through various DD, DTS movie tracks and DTS/Stereo audio tracks. Most of what we listened to was his, and a few were mine. I will leave the review for Lewis as I don't want to be a little bias (I am proud of my system[​IMG] )
    take it away Lewis!.....
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    Ok Tony!

    First of all thanks for having me that evening.

    Well what can I say very impressive showing of the sub and the small bookshelf speakers.

    The sub.

    If you clock on the link Tony has you can see pretty much the whole set up.However the sub looks larger then in real life to me,but it is a perfect match to the size of the room.

    It is a dual BP 1503 in a sealed enclosure,one faces down the other "looks" up

    However they reside in their own enclosure,though it looks from the outside that they're share it.

    It is corner loadede,and since the other speakers are rather small the fact that the sub is on the same wall as the mains,is wise choice for localizations reasons.

    Built looks very professional,and sturdy.

    The sound is very powerfull at the lowest octaves as expected from this driver,and amp combo[Crown K-2].

    It has tones of output,even at the modest levels that Tony played most of the tracks.

    For movies we tried Titan A.E. Haunting,,and the THX intro from TPM. Exelled,with ease.

    However for some of the music cuts I brought,I've noticed some blending issue problems,and some of the frequencies seemed a bit "hot".Tony claims that he has some room "issues".Well, who hasn't,I know from experience that those can influence the sound immensly,so I wasn't surprised this to be the case.

    On the whole the sub was smooth and articulate,and besides the Sting DVD and one of Tony's cd,it sounded quiet good on everything else.

    I think besides the room modes,the other potential problem could be with the fact that the main speakers possibly are quiet limited on their lowend so the sub is being asked to "fill in",and the BP isn't really designed to to much above 80hz.

    The EGO speakers.

    These are DIY speakers from the ground up,and I must say that Tony is very gifted as crafstman.Though the speakers weren't finished yet cosmeticaly, functionaly yes.

    I don't know the exact size of them,but they're on the smaller bookshelf size,and Tony can fill in the weight and exact size maybe?

    The sound of these little guys were quiet astonishing.They spacing couldn't be more then 4 ft apart yet they threw,a very wide,and resonably deep soundstage.

    Imaging was first rate,on the superbly recorded track from the Dave Matthew's Band was nothing sort of a revelation.

    That record sounded so good in stereo, that I almost forgott that fact[I much prefer well recorded multi channel music over stereo,with a few execptions].

    On "lesser quality" recordings like Dream Theater's Images and Words,still managed to show it's virtues,however I was more familiar with this track,so I could note a very minor thing with it's midrange/upper bass response.

    The intrument/vocals that "operate" between 150-400hz,sounded a bit "thin",compared to my larger Def Tech speakers at home,wich features larger woofers and tweeters,but other the that I could really find no fault with these speakers,but rather positives.

    As quintet they also exelled as well,on the movie cuts they were " acted" as part of a spacios soundfield with no trace of "jumpiness",they were quiet smooth all around including the one that was designated as center.

    If Tony decide to put the surround ones on stands as well,like the mains,they would only improve even further IMO.

    All in all these are very good speakers,they fit well in smaller rooms yet they produce larger then life sound.

    If I had them though I would use 'em with a smaller sub,like the Rava[something Shiva based],and use the BP sub for LFE or below 40hz only.

    Thanks for the opportunity Tony!
  3. Hey Lewis, thanks for getting the review up. It was a pleasure having you over....don't really meet to many people that like audio/ht as much as me=)

    I'll have to try your recommendation of the surrounds on stands. I will also be working on properly setting the sub (I sorta guessed the setting with this new amp..had it only for a week and measured the previous and not this one)....Perhaps after re-calibrating, I can have you over again-)..if you want.

    I don't quite hear the 400-150 "thinness" that you hear. Perhaps I need to train the ear a little. I try and get some plots this next weekfrom 20-20

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