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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by David Walker, Jun 23, 2003.

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    Aug 9, 2002
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    I recently auditioned the GR Research AV-2 (formerly A/V 1+) in my home for 1 week. First off, let me say, I wish I could have A/B’ed the speakers with a comparable pair, but I will attempt to give the best review I can without a direct comparison.

    The first thing about these speakers that impressed me was their sheer weight and sturdiness. The wood cabinets are not only beautiful, but incredibly well made. Also, the nifty removable magnetic grill makes showing off the dual drivers to friends especially quick and easy.

    Overall, the speakers produce a rich full sound that I had yet to experience with my equipment. Their warm sound couples well with my vintage Marantz 2245 receiver to reduce fatiguing in my listening experience. The speakers proved versatile catching many nuances of jazz recordings and providing sufficient power for rock n roll. I was especially impressed by the realism of harmonica and guitar in some of my favorite folk and blues CD’s.

    If you’re a treble freak you might think that some of the highs get lost, as the tweeter is situated in the middle of the two drivers. But, if you appreciate a warmer sound like I do, you’ll love the blending created by this design. As for me, the midrange really hits the spot and these speakers bring out a rich tone. The bass holds it own with all other bookshelves I auditioned. If you’re going to run a two channel setup (no sub), then these are about as good as you can get.

    If I had enough confidence in my own handiwork, I’d buy the kit in a second. It’s like getting $1500 speakers for only $550---this includes the upgrades that I experienced with the pair sent to me. However, $900 for a fully assembled pair is currently out of my college student budget.

    These AV-2’s are exceptional in reproducing a remarkably realistic and full representation of the music. These are a handsome, great sounding pair of speakers that would be terrific on their own or an asset to any setup.

    Music Used (Genre/Selections):

    Ella & Louis- Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong
    Maiden Voyage- Herbie Hancock

    Beeline- Peter Case
    Willy Porter- self titled
    Blood on the Tracks- Bob Dylan

    Dosage- Collective Soul
    Greatest Hits- Bob Seiger

    Associated Equipment for this Review:
    Receiver: Marantz 2245
    Sources (CDP/Turntable): Cambridge Audio D500SE
    Speakers: GR Research AV-2
    Cables/Interconnects: Monster Cable
    Room Size (LxWxH): 11 x 12 x 10
    Room Comments/Treatments: carpeted
    Time Period/Length of Audition: 1 week



    Go Here for More Pictures!
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    Oct 3, 2000
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  3. Chris Tsutsui

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    Feb 1, 2002
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    "$900 for a fully assembled pair is currently out of my college student budget."

    It can be done cheaper than $900. There might be a place near you that offers crossover assembly or find somebody that can make some holes in a box for the drivers and port.

    The AV-1 with drivers and Sonicaps is only $230 worth of parts. It would only cost about $140 for a prefab cabinet with grill from parts express, then you would have to find a way to cut holes in the box for the drivers and ports.

    The AV-2 can be done for about $600 fully assembled. Just buy the parts express cabinets which matches the volume almost exactly. This includes money to get the crossover assembled and use Sonicaps. You can always buy the crossover components separate, and buy the drivers from GR-Research or save money and get the tweeters from Parts express for $13.

    I'm building a pair for my "friend" and am only charging him $230 total for a pair of GR-Research AV1 WITH Sonicap upgrade. Reason it's so cheap is because there's no labor fees to raise the price. The box is plain MDF made of brads and glue, and going to be painted by him...

    Also, a pair of Dennis Murphy Usher 2-ways for someone this week as well. $365 total for enclosure with 1.5" front baffle, and I'm assembling him the crossover and it includes the standard components from madisound.
  4. Shawn Solar

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    May 12, 2001
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    I too just built and reviewed them in the DIY area. I used to have Paradigm reference 40's. the av2's now replace them
  5. Ryan T

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    Sep 10, 2001
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  6. george king

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    You can do the av1 for about $450-500/pair with all the upgrades. That is how much mine finished out at, and I bought some unfinished cabs from Brian. I just finished the shielded center speaker about a week ago.

    I love my AV1s and supposedly the AV2s are even better. Well worth the money. And yes, $900 for an assembled pair would be a steal.

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