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Review: Bryan Adams UNPLUGGED (1 Viewer)


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May 6, 1999
I was never a big Brian Adams fan, although I did like his top 40 hits and I do enjoy his unique sounding voice. I’ve always enjoyed the settings and atmospheres that MTV UNPLUGGED portrayed to the audience and anxiously await more UNPLUGGED releases. So on those likes I bought this disc.
I believe the simple stage, with very few lighting effects, keeps the video pretty solid throughout this full frame concert. There aren’t very many dizzying camera cuts and the camera changes are very smooth and pleasing.
There are two audio options in the SPECIAL FEATURES menu, Dolby Digital 2.0 and PCM. The DD 2.0 track was very muffled with almost no ‘life’ to it at all. The PCM track was very robust with a good solid front sound stage. It’s a rather simple yet effective mix. If your looking for gimmicks, there ain’t any here, audio-wise, video-wise or otherwise.
I was curious as to what a good 5.1 mix would have been like with this disc because the stage layout for this performance was one I had never seen before on any UNPLUGGED show. The audience is mostly in front of the round stage but there are a few sitting around the periphery. The musicians, featuring a large string section, are ‘in the round’, with some of them standing with their backs facing the audience and Bryan in the middle of the circle slightly off center facing the main audience. The drummer is in front of the stage facing Bryan. Many of the views are true audience perspective and I felt a bit of ambient instrument and crowd noise in the rear speakers may have enhanced the presentation. Even without these effects, it is a good solid show and disc all around.
Track Listing:
Summer Of ’69
Cuts Like A Knife
I’m Ready
Back To You
Fits Ya Good
When You Love Someone
18 Till I Die
I Think About You
If Ya Wanna Be Bad – Ya Gotta Be Good
Let’s Make A Night To Remember
Wanna Be Your Underwear
A Little Love
Cant’ Stop This Thing We Started
It Ain’t A Party..If You Can’t Come
I’ll Always Be Right There

Running Time: not listed anywhere but approx. 50 min.
Packaging: Clear keepcase
Price $15.00
TV: Toshiba 40H80
DVD: Panasonic RP-91
Receiver: Yamaha 995

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