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Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Jim Beaver, May 10, 2005.

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    "Omnium Finis Imminet" - which is Latin for "The End of All Things is Near" - is the subtitle to NBC's recent mini-series Revelations, starring Bill Pullman (Independence Day) and Natascha McElhone, and created by David Seltzer (The Omen). With two more installments yet to air ("Hour Five" debuts tomorrow night, with guest star John Rhys-Davies), NBC-Universal is already planning on the home video release of this apocalyptic limited-run show.

    The end is near all right...nearer than you would think! Revelations: Omnium Finis Imminet arrives on DVD June 28th - just a few weeks past the airing of the finale - in a 2-disc set that that will run you $27.98 SRP. Further details, including specs and any extras that might be included, are yet to be announced, but stay tuned and we'll provide you with updates when available. For now, here's the very foreboding cover art:

    Man that was fast, I think between this and Fat Actress this year. Those are the fastest DVD releases yet. I've only seen the first episode. It looks cool. I'll have to get this.
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    10-4 for me as well. I tried to catch this on NBC but missed a couple of them. I'll get this set for sure. You're right...very fast DVD release. "When someone understands the TV/DVD business, let me know". [​IMG]
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    A lot of History Channel/A&E DVDs have appeared on the same day or even before the first airing, but I'm never seen it this quick for a major network show.

    I mean, once I've finished watching the show on TV, if I had to wait more than a month to get the DVD, it wouldn't be the end of the world... [​IMG]

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