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REVELATIONS - Bill Pullman - DVD question (1 Viewer)


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Aug 9, 2003
Sunny Central Florida
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Way back in 2005, NBC aired a six-part miniseries called REVELATIONS. It starred Bill Pullman and Natasha McElhone as a scientist and a nun, who traveled the world looking for clues about the end of days. It had both religious and scientific overtones and had John Rhys-Davies in a supporting role.

We watched that series as it aired, and were surprised that a DVD was issued almost immediately. We bought the 2-disc set and have watched it a number of times over the years. Both my wife and I enjoy the on-location filming in places that we've traveled to ourselves.

My wife pulled this out today to watch, and every time it's played, I note that the DVDs are letterboxed - or actually windowboxed. That is, the 16:9 aspect ratio is intact, but is not enhanced for widescreen TVs. That struck me as odd back in 2005 too, as the series had aired in full high-definition on NBC. But then that wasn't the first or last time that a high def TV product has been reduced to DVD resolution for home video.

But my real question is: Has this ever been remastered and reissued in an anamorphic presentation? The reason I ask is because when I go looking for information about it, I read a bunch of reviews that say the discs are numbered wrong, but nothing is ever mentioned about the aspect ratio. These reviews say that Disc One contains Disc Two's content and vice versa. But that's not the way our early purchase DVDs are. They are numbered properly, but are windowboxed.

I sometimes use the zoom feature to fill out the screen, but then everything just gets bigger and fuzzier.

Does anyone have this set that might be able to answer my question one way or the other?


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Dec 31, 2011
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Erich P. Wise
No-one's ever heard of this one, I guess.

I watched it when it originally aired. Sort of disappointed with the ending. Don't remember the details but I was expecting something dramatic to happen like the world blowing up, LOL.
Didn't know it was out on DVD.

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