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paul h

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Mar 14, 1999
news article posted on computerandvideogames.com:
Arcade Addicts has announced a new UK-based site to launch this August, dedicated to both serious arcade dealers and hardcore gamers. The site, www.arcadeaddicts.com is the first website of its kind in the UK, offering a forum for enthusiasts to interact online, buying and selling gaming greatness from days of yore and the present. Whatever you’re hankering after, be it classic arcade games, consoles or hard-to-find peripherals, chances are someone on the site will be selling.
For those wishing to sell, there is annual fee of £12.99 plus a small commission for each sale, which gives you full access to advertise as much games-related paraphernalia as you wish. As an incentive, if you register to sell goods before the site launches, you’ll receive their first year’s membership for free. Furthermore, you will also be entered into a draw to win some truly classic arcade action, with first prize being a Super Mario Pinball table, second prize being a cabinet of one of the greatest games ever created – Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition, and third prize consisting of a Donkey Kong slot machine.
If you’d rather just check out the site for bargains rather than sell, no registration fee is necessary – just head straight to the For Sale section of the site. You can also check on the availability of items and place an order by calling the Arcade Addicts hotline on 01977 600502.
If you have the slightest interest in owning an arcade machine, or merely want to try and dig up a forgotten classic for your dusty old Atari 2600, Arcade Addicts will be well worth checking out when it launches next month.


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Apr 29, 2000
The site is affiliated (and run by) a very well respected company called Arcade Warehouse - they know their arcade market well, I've had a few friends deal with them & they were very pleased with their service.
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