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  1. Benjamin-Es

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    May 27, 2003
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    Most probably this isn't supposed to be listed here. Anyway I'll give it a try...

    I am very much interested in the Yamaha universal player DVD S-2300. I am planning to do a trip to San Diego in the following weeks and would like to purchase this DVD. My question is if anyone knows of a retiler or store that mught carry such player.

    I would like to contact them prior my trip so I can make it is what I am looking for and that they have it ready for pick up.

    So my question is can you recommend some good retailer in the San Diego area. An email or phone number is a plus.

    Thanks you very much

    Benjamin Es
    Mexico City
  2. Kit_C

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    Mar 29, 2000
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    They have the DVD-S2300 for $795, but are not an authorized dealer, which may be a warranty problem for you when you return to Mexico.

    I believe Tweeter (a local A/V chain) also sells the DVD-S2300. They have several stores in San Diego, and are an authorized dealer.


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