restart and auto shutdown/turnoff doesnt work anymore what is wrong?

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    Tony D.
    about a year ago i installed win me and since then when i go to start and pull up the shut down then click restart all i get is a black screen with a blinking dash in the middle of the screen. it also does this when i have to auto reboot after installing new programs. so now i have to flick the light switch to shut the whole thing off and restart again.
    also were did my auto shut off go. i used to be able to hit shut down and the computer would shut it self completely off but it no longer does that i have to hit the button when it says safe to shut down.
    what is going on? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Hmmm. Sounds like you have a driver problem. WinMe likes to replace all your drivers with its own version. Look specifically at your video drivers and see if there is a driver update available. Have you messed around with your system BIOS on bootup?
    Hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete before shutting down and see what you have there. Close everything except for Systray and Explorer and then try to shut down. See if that does the trick. If so, then you have a program hanging your computer during the shutdown process.
    OH. I almost forgot. Have you Windows updated recently? There is a fix there for WinMe users with specific programs and/or hardware that causes this problem. However, I would not download that "fix" till you have tried other possibilities. It basically slows down shut-down so that your computer will have time to dump all cache to the hard drive.
    C. Ryan
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    Do you have an NVidia graphics card? There was a specific fix in the drivers for shutdown on Windows ME a while back, so if you haven't got recent drivers installed this might be it. As others have recommended, take a trip to and then go get your latest graphics card drivers as well.

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