Resident Evil/Eternal darkness...What are they?

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  1. LarryDavenport

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    I plan on buying the Game Cube when it comes out and to my dissapointment no Perfect Dark or Turok. Are there any comparable games coming out this year?
    I've never played Resident Evil or Eternal Darkness (or Tomb Raider or Zelda for that matter). Are these games similiar to PD or Turok (or Doom)?
    Which would you recommend?
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  2. Dean Cooper

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    Oct 23, 2000
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    The game that you want to check out for the Game Cube is Metroid Prime. It will be the closest to what you want with this system. You can also check out Halo for the Xbox, looks like you would be very interested in it as well.
  3. Aaron Copeland

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    Nov 3, 2000
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    I can't really say much on Eternal Darkness without playing it...though the it looks like it may a good games from the previews. Not really show how the gameplay actually work though.
    Resident Evil is a great series of games. It's nothing like PD or Turok. First off, it's from a third person perspective as opposed to a first person for the other two. The controls have never been all that great. RE games always feel a little stiff when moving your character around. RE falls into what is now called the "survival horror" genre.
    Basically you walk around different areas (usually inside buildings with occasional trips outside) trying to solve some mystery. There's a lot of puzzle solving. RE also requires smart usage of your ammunition since it's usually in short supply. All the while you have to fight off zombies and other various monsters. It also relies heavily on atmosphere and surprise...monsters jumping out of doors, windows, mirrors, etc...
    If you know anything about Silent Hill, RE is the exact same type of game though not quite as scary.
    I would highly recommend trying one RE game. Some people don't like them, but others love them.
    [EDIT] Let me also add that if it's FPS games you want, as Dean mentioned, you may want to check out the XBOX. It's getting Halo and Unreal Championship as well as Doom 3 later down the road (plus others).
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  4. Morgan Jolley

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    Oct 16, 2000
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    Actually, Turok is coming to PS2 as well as GCN. Just a little tidbit.
    If you want FPS games, don't look at the GCN. PS2 has a few already and there are some good ones coming out. The XB will probably have the best looking ones and has a few big ones already announced.

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