Requesting Advice: 51" Widescreen

Discussion in 'Displays' started by John_Mnocs, Jul 14, 2003.

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    Jul 13, 2003
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    I recently became a new member but have been browsing the forums for some time now. I've learned a considerable amount from many of the members here in determining what to look for in a widescreen/HDTV and am almost ready to purchase my first. In the beginning, I was looking to spend no more than $1000 and get a 42", but after doing some investigating and getting deeper into this, I somehow have justified that a 51" and $2000 will be better (funny how this is :b ).

    Originally, I was going to go with the Sony KP51WS500/510, but I'm sorta leaning towards the Toshiba 51H83/93. From what I've seen, each has their own set of problems at times, with Sony being more customer oriented when it comes to fixing problems. I will be getting the Protection Agreement wherever I purchase the TV, so that I do have the added/extended warranty and peace of mind.

    Feel free to chime in and give your opinion on this or to recommend other brands, such as Samsung, Hitachi, Mits, etc. I plan on maintaining the forum here throughout my entire experience, from haggling, buying, shipping, setting up and viewing so that I can share my joy (or my pain [​IMG] ) with everyone. I will more than likely be purchasing the TV from Sears, Best Buy or Circuit City.
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    I am putting together a complete HT system, to be set up this Saturday. For me, the Toshiba Cinema Series 65 inch HX83 is the one. This is the new model, (replacing the HDX82), which I just found out is substantially less expensive than the previous model last year. This was a nice surprise. There are smaller displays available as well. Make sure you look at any display in operation before you buy.
    Good luck.

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    Aaron Silverman
    Costco has a 53" Panny for $12 and a 50" Toshiba for $1600. Anyone have any opinions on those sets? (I don't have the model numbers handy.)

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