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request: Vince Edwards' two tv series on dvd (1 Viewer)


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Jan 13, 2007
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Hi. Today July 9 would have been Vince Edwards' 80th birthday. Neither of his two tv series is out on dvd. I am confident Ben Casey will be released. I am interested in seeing his "forgotten series" MATT LINCOLN. This series was produced by Universal in 1970. There were sixteen episodes plus the pilot film titled Dial Hot Line. Why were there only sixteen episodes? ABC brainlessly scheduled MATT LINCOLN at 7:30 opposite Flip Wilson. Missing its target audience completely. It would be like scheduling Ben Casey at 7:30. MATT LINCOLN should have been on at 10:00, as was Ben Casey. It was never given a chance in another time slot. Thus it was abruptly cancelled. This series deserves a new life on dvd. Go to google or yahoo and type in "Matt Lincoln tv series to buy" or Vince Edwards" tv series to buy" and see for yourself how in demand Vince Edwards and Matt Lincoln really are. People miss seeing Vince in a tv series. He is still beloved today. He passed away in 1996 from pancreatic cancer. Why was Ben Casey so popular? Quoting the creator of Ben Casey James E. Moser "People love Vince Edwards. He was perfect in the role". Yes the public do love Vince Edwards. It is the distributors I am trying to wake up. Make your requests known it cannot hurt. Universal e-mail: [email protected] Timeless Media Group does license Universal properties their e-mail is: [email protected] Shout!Factory e-mail [email protected] You can also go to tvshowsondvd and connect to the studio websites. tvofyourlife has various studiowebsites.


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Feb 17, 2005

I have to second that. American Life (way back, about 1995 when they were still the Nostalgia Channel) ran Ben Casey and I got what I could during the six months my cable company gave us the channel, but that's the last I've seen of the show. The picture quality at the time was extraordinary and David Raksin's score really enhanced the series.

Ben Casey holds up exceptionally well. The stories have real meat and the acting is excellent. It was much more intense and literate than Dr. Kildare, though I'd like to see that one too. Two really excellent medical shows.

Considering the current climate in DVD releasing--abandonment of classic (especially black and white) series from the 1950s and 1960s, and The Fugitive debacle, I'd say the chances we'll see this show are slim and none.

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