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Req: Advice on 27" Flat Panel & where to buy in NYC (1 Viewer)


Jun 2, 2002
Would like to spend less than $600. For use in small apartment (right out of graduation), in a year or two will eventually probably use as bedroom TV (so I'm thinking 27" would be sufficient, i.e. no need to go up to 32" non-flat panel). Not interested in PIP, will most likely hook up to a dvd player, watch sportscenter, that's it, nothing fancy.

Thus far, it seems that a lot of people seem to recommend the SONY Wega (FS13). I was wondering what people's experiences might have been with this TV or why they might have chosen a comparable (and likely cheaper) competitor's product i.e. Tohiba, JVC, Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic.

Also, I was wondering whether people might be able to recommend an electronics store in Manhattan to purchase this from.

Thanks in advance.


Matt Stone

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Jun 21, 2000
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Matt Stone
If you want something cheap, and can get to a Sam's Club...get the Akai 27" Flat Screen...dirt cheap...and it's a clone of the Samsung. I think it retails for around 400.

Evan M.

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Feb 26, 2002
i have the 27" panasonic tao. got it for 550$ at tweeter. i originaly got the 27" wega but the colors seemed so muted and the sound of the speakers were terrible. very low, had to turn the tv up more than half way to get it to sound respectable. sony makes a great tv but in my opinion have the worst speakers for tv's. i returned it the next week. i am an audio guy so i almost always listen to it through an a/v receiver but i dont always if i am in a rush or just lazy :). the panasonic sounds so much better, the remote is 100% better also. the sony remote is the size of an aircraft carrier. with side by side comparisons i could not get the sony to look as good (to me) as the panansonic. the sony does have 16:9 squeeze mode, but to me this is useless on a 27" tv since nowadays they are considered small. sure it may give you a better picture from 3 feet away but back up and all it does is shrink the already small image. from a reliability standpoint i think sony and panasonic make the most reliable TUBE tv's. toshiba makes a nice flat screen too but i haven't had great luck with their reliability. the best thing to do is find a place that caries a lot of these tv's and have them put them side by side and set them up to your tastes and compare. good luck

Adam Bluhm

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Feb 9, 2002
I have a 27" Quazar (Panasonic) television. It's not a flat tube, but it gives an excellent picture. The picture through cable is good and I was surprised at the quality when we compositely hooked up the Panasonic DVD-RV31 (I think it's RV :) ).
I'm sure Panasonic would be a good choice. The set is about five years old, so I cannot comment on their new line.

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