ReplayTV 5040 HD upgrade strategy

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    Here's my situation:

    I just bought a 5040 this morning. I will go for the lifetime activation. I want to upgrade the HD capacity.

    I have a spare Maxtor 5400rpm 80GB HD that I thought about using.

    I have read that the Replay Hack Project doesn't recomend installing 2 HDs into the 5000-series ReplayTVs. And that it seems upgrading the HD with the 7200rpm with the 8MB cache is the ticket (and I won't forget to use the CS "cable select" setting on the HD).

    Here's what I wanted to know (2-folds):

    Should I use my spare 5400rpm 80GB HD, or go with the faster 7200rpm drives (will performance be degraded if I use the 5400rpm HD?) within my upgrade plan below:

    And which upgrade path should I take:

    Path 1:

    Take the "virgin" HD from the 5040 (not even booted up) and use the patch programs on the Replay Hack site to patch the larger HD (whichever one is the consensus suggestion). Will this program "clone" the larger HD of the contents on the original HD, or just prep it for use with the Replay OS?

    Then boot up the new larger HD, and get Sonic Blue to do the lifetime subscription activation.

    Then store the original HD for a rainy day.

    Path 2:

    Boot up with the original HD and have Sonic Blue activate the lifetime subscription.

    Use the patch program to clone/patch the orignal HD onto the larger HD (does the HD have the lifetime activation infomation on it)?

    Install the larger HD into the 5040, and store the original HD (with lifetime subscription activation info on it?) away for a rainy day.


    I'm rather confused as to what tells the machine it has lifetime subscription activation, (is it within firmware, or the 500MB Replay partition) thus my questions.
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    Have you posted this question in the replay forum at AVS? If you haven't I would highly recommend doing so.

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