Replay TV 5000 and 4000 series

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    What is the basic difference between these two series of ReplayTV units? What technical features does one have that the other doesn't, and what are the plusses and minuses of each?

    I'm having trouble getting the straight scoop.

    Thanks a bunch,

    Norm Strong
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    The basic difference that I understand between the two models is:
    The 5000 series has a USB connection that the 4000 doesn't. The USB connection allows you to use a USB wireless net connection to your wireless router (if you have one) while the 4500 series you need to use a wireless ethernet bridge. The ethernet bridge costs about $50 to $80 more than the USB wireless connection. Both can be connected to the ReplayTV service via phone line or the ethernet connection using CAT 5. But if you want to connect to the service with a wireless connection then the USB just gives you a cheaper option to do so.
    The 5000 series has direct progressive outputs (YPrPb) where the model 4500 series have a VGA progressive output.
    To see the technical specs on the 5000 series click here.
    and for the 4500 series click here.
    This should give you a better idea of what each can do.
    I personally have the 4580 but I am going to try to pick up a 5080 as soon as they become available. With the prices that they have on the 5000 series this would be the models that I would look into getting.

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