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  1. Dana L

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    Oct 1, 2002
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    I hope this is the right forum for this, [​IMG]
    Ok several things! I have an Adcom 2535. It is a 4X60 or 2x60, 1x200. I fryed one side!
    I am slowy upgading to 5.1 I have a B&K AVP 1030. But as of now I only have a 2 channel amp. I also have ACI's Saphire III's with the Sub 1's which aren't powered! So I need 3 more channels and I'd like to power my sub's!
    So first of all, do I fix my Adcom and if so I don't know where, (Adcom has no service center here.) And if I did fix it I was thinking I could pick up another used 2535 and used the bridgable sides for my subs (I have 2), and then I would only need a center amp.
    Parts Express sells a nice plate sub for around $130 and I was thinking possibly that route, but I don't want to sacrifice quality! I don't know if that is junk or what. (I'm buying everything used cause I can't afford new..[​IMG] )
    That about sum's it up. Thank for any help!
    BTW, this is the most awesome thing I've found on the internet! I wish I had known about it when i got my B&K!!!!
    Also, the side of my amp that works is the bridgable side, so I could possibly get another 2535 and use the bridged sides for my sub's and the and the 2 channels for rears and pick up a 3 channel amp! I like my Adcom, but I know there are some really nice American amps out there that might really improve my sound! So I was kinda leaning towards that route!
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    Mar 5, 2002
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    Have you checked the fuses - internal & external?

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