Replacing my vehicle's stereo

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Jon_Are, Jul 31, 2003.

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    The CD player in my '98 Ranger has gotten static-y and I'm convinced I need to replace it.

    Back in the day, replacing the stereo was a simple matter - I must have done a half-dozen of them as a kid.

    Looking at the panel on my Ranger, though, I'm wondering if I can do this myself without damaging anything.

    Is everything front-accessible now? I see four very small holes in the radio panel; I'm wondering if these allow the installer to remove the panel and gain access to the unit. How is this accomplished?

    I don't want to start prying at panels with a screwdriver; I'm sure there is a way to approach this?


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    The holes that your are referring to are on the face of the radio and are part of the radio. You do not have to remove a panel. You actually will remove the radio with those holes.

    Most ford radios have two "tune fork" shaped tools that fit into the 4 holes that you are referring to. Each tool goes in vertically and unlocks the clamps that hold the radio in. At that point you can simply slide the radio out. (If you are friendly with a local car audio shop or the audio install shops at a electronics store they will usually let you borrow the tools for a quick second to pull the radio out.)

    Then, find the proper 'ford/visteon' harnesses to fit your single din aftermarket radio, slide in the antenna, put the radio in the slot and you should be good to go.


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