Replacing a television tube (was I lied to?)

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Aaron Cohen, Jun 19, 2003.

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    I belive this thread may have fallen victim to the server problems but as I've been unable to find an answer anywhere online I thought I might as well post it again here.

    I have the KV-34XBR800 34 inch Sony Widescreen flat screen HDTV. There were problems with it that the service tech I took it to told me the tube needed to be replaced to fix them. This was the 2nd time I had brought it back as the first time it had been returned to me supposedly fixed but it was in fact not. He said it would take about 10-15 days for the tube to get there and then for it to be installed.

    Five days later I get a call that the television is finished. It is delivered and I immediately notice the same fingerprints that are were all over the screen from repeated moving. If the tube was replaced, should these fingerprints still be there? I may be way, way, way off with this as I have no idea how televisions are put together but isn't the flat screen that is on the front part of the tube itself?

    After turning on the television, the same problem was there... Was I lied to? Would this problem (bars going down the far left and right sides of the screen ;when there are bright backgrounds they are most noticeable but can be seen as well if you look for them on dark backgrounds) be something that is in all of these televisions?

    When I was in the shop explaining what the problem was he put a bright white test background on and the lines going down the screen showed up as blue on the white background and in splotches in some cases. He said this was perfectly normal and acceptable IRE levels or something... There's also a blurry, hazy line on the far left side of the 4x3 frame that he said is just something that's there. I told him that I looked at the same model of this set at the store I bought it from (Circuit City) and specifically loooked for that hazy line and it was not there. He said that's because they have it in fake lighting conditions. I can see the hazy line in ANY light condition as it is very, very easy to see.

    Also, he said the "yolk" was replaced as well. Both times the set has been given back to me he has adjusted the vertical center to -2 and the vertical tilt to -2 as well. When I put those both back at 0 the picture is WAY too far upwards and on 2.35 films the loewr black bar is ENERMOUS. Bringing it down to the -2's he had the settings on makes things crooked...

    When viewing stuff in 4:3 mode the left and right bars and extremely crooked now.

    I showed all this to him and said that's just how it is. He also said the bottom bar being about twice as back as the top bar on 2.35 films is normal for this set. He described it as being a double whammy problem. Flat tube and wide aspect ratio and that is just the way it is.

    I had the set for a year and the alignment was never off like that so I have no idea what he is talking about. The lines have always been there and are stil there though going down the screen.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, if any of you are an ISF technician I would love to have the set calibrated! Perhaps this will fix some of the problems? Could the lines possibly be ISF'ed out? They are annoying and odd. I am in Raleigh, NC.

    But first things first, was my tube replaced?
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    If it has been, the workmanship was very sloppy. (At least they should have extended the courtesy of wiping the screen clean.)

    Aaron, have you discussed this directly with anyone at Sony? You're going through a lot for someone who has shelled out some serious cash for such a highly rated set. I'd get on the phone and be persistent, and insist on speaking with someone at a management level. Politely but firmly mention that you are discussing this at a home theater-related Website with a very large membership too.

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