Replacing 14 yr old TV with either HDTV Samsung LCD or Panasonic Plasma -NHT & B&W speakers

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by htbobhdtv, Jan 21, 2013.

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    We presently have an old TV with a sound system that has a Marantz SRS 5300 receiver, Marantz DV 4300 Progressive Scan DVD player. The speaker system consists of 3 front speaker 2 sides NHT 1.1 and 1 ctr NHT 1.1C. The rear speakers will be out of date 2 HDP 1 surround sounds wall mounted. There also is a NHT SW2P powered subwoofer. The TV video signal source is DISH The new HDTV 46" or 50" will be a Samsung LCD full backlit with internet conductivity to stream movies. MY question is can I use my existing front speakers and substitute 2 wonderful old in excellent condition B&W DM 14 3 driver closed box speakers for my 2 NHT HDP 1 rear speakers and balance them all for a Home Theatre? Can I still use the Marantz SRS5300 as it does not have any HDMI inputs ? Can it balance all the speakers? Can the Dish Satellite video and sound signal go directly to the receiver or must I go through extra step of a DISH cable box.? Lastly i suppose I'll also have to replace my DVD player with a BlueRay Universal player? Any assistance would be much appreciated. htbobhdtv
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    Well, "good news"... The 5300 has a 6channel analog input. You can buy a 6channel BD player(but they aren't cheap). You have digital inputs on the 5300 as well. The only thing "lacking" is HD compatible video switching... So, with can still use it.

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