Replacement Cover for Boogie Nights (first release)

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Chris Bardon, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. Chris Bardon

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    Jul 4, 2000
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    I picked up a copy of this disc used a while ago, and the store takes and replaces all of its snapper cases with Amrays, just using the snapper cardboard as the cover. The problem is that the cover is a little beat up, and really looks like crap. I did some searching and found a few cover sites, but none that had a cover for this disc. Does anyone know where I might find a cover for it? I'd scan mine, but there's no way it would turn out with all the abuse it's taken.
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    Carl Fink
    I "upgraded" my Boogie Nights DVD from the original release to the newer 2-disc set. I still have the original lying around. If you like, I can just mail you the whole snapper case. I don't have any use for it. It's not in 100% perfect shape, but if you're not super-anal-retentive, it should more than suffice. E-mail me your address if you're interested. (

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