Replacement 8" woofers

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    OK, first off, I have an older set of Phase Technology speakers, but I need to replace the 8" woofers in is completely blown, and the other one has all the foam ripped away from the frame, so its on its way out.
    I love the tweeter on them, and I did'nt really want to get rid of them, so I asked how much it would be to get the drivers replaced,....A recone is like $45, and a new woofer is $90. So I was thinking that maybe I would be better off ordering a set of drivers from Madisound or PE, maybe Scan-Speak, or Peerless, or something.

    Anyways, If anyone has any ideas, let me know, I would really appreciate it.

  2. Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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    If you’re talking about those re-cone kits, they are generic. They do work great for a good number of speakers, but if the manufacturer was using a proprietary surround – that is, one that was specific to their drivers – it’s best to pass on the generic kits. Using them will result in some loss in performance, I can tell you from experience.

    Phase should be able to tell you if one of the kits will work. Alternately, sometimes manufactures can recone their drivers if you send them to you. Bottom line, keep your speakers original for best performance – especially since you like the way they sound – even if that means buying a complete service replacement driver.

    Subing different drivers is also a bad idea, since crossovers are designed to be used with specific drivers. You’re just rolling dice as to what the end product will sound like.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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