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Apr 30, 2011
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Hey folks -

I've got a home theater system that's a little long in the tooth, but my wife and I are fairly frugal and we're happy enough with it. It's based around a Denon AVR-2500, which is suffering. (It flashes "protection" at will.) I can get it repaired, but my thinking is that putting money into a receiver this old, where Dolby Pro Logic II is the newest kind of decoding it supports, is just silly.

But here's where it gets dicey. My entire setup (Tivo Series 2, DVD player, television, laptop for watching internet video) is built around S-video connectors. None of my equipment, including my TV, supports HDMI. None of the current receivers seem to support S-video, except for perhaps one connector. My TV only supports two S-video inputs, which wouldn't handle my whole setup. Of course, eventually I'll be upgrading things piece by piece; and I'll eventually end up with HDMI, but I'm really not looking to replace my entire system at the moment! I could get a new receiver and go back to composite video, but that seems ridiculous.

So I think my best options are either to repair my Denon AVR-2500, or buy a used receiver on Ebay; perhaps the most recent generation of S-video capable receivers. Any thoughts on what makes more sense? Buying a receiver on Ebay seems problematic because I can't actually listen to the thing. Repairing the old Denon is putting money into a very old horse, and I'll admit that at least having "modern" Dolby Digital capabilities would be nice.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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