Renters Insurance: Anything I'm missing?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Michael D. Bunting, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. Michael D. Bunting

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    After reading a few of the "My apartment was broken into today" threads...I decided to look into getting Renters Insurance finally. I had been meaning to get it...just never looked into it that much.
    My bank and insurance provider ...USAA - provides renters insurance...and I can get free quotes online. Here's mine:

    Coverage Limits of Liability
    Personal Property with Replacement Cost Coverage: $20,000
    Deductible: $250
    Liability: $100,000
    Medical Payments: $1,000
    Additional Coverages:
    Computer Coverage: $3,000
    Special Coverage: -Jewelry/Watches/Furs- $2,000
    Policy Limitations:
    These are policy limitations that apply to the renters policy quoted.
    Credit Card: $1,000 limit
    Business Property: $2,500 limit
    Jewelry/Watches/Furs: $1,000 limit
    Silver/Gold/Pewter: $2,500 limit
    Guns: $2,000 limit
    Money: $200 limit
    Securities: $1,000 limit

    So, how does this look? Is there anything I'm missing? I don't have anything all that rare...or overly expensive...well, maybe my Gregg Loewen Calibrated Sony 57HW40 HDTV [​IMG]
    I own about 100+ DVD's (and growing)...and of course, I want to make sure they would be covered.
    I haven't submitted my application yet...wanted to hear what you all had to say here on the HTF first [​IMG]
    Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Frank Anderson

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    I see nothing here about collections. Make sure they will cover your DVD's. Some places will say that is a collection and they put caps on collections. Don't assume it falls under the Personal Property section. For me, those limitations are low but I am a home owner and have lots more stuff. If they meet your needs that's cool.
  3. Marc S Kessler

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    May 8, 2001
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    If you're on a ground floor you may inquire about water damage (not just flood but sewer line back-up, etc.). Otherwise it looks real good and USAA is one of the best.

  4. KyleS

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    With my Home owners they wouldnt cover ANY software in regards to computer or valuable information that was stored on such, but they would cover Cd's/Dvd's up to $1000. For a lot of us that isnt nearly enough so I actually upped my policy to include larger amounts. Not only to cover the DVD's that I have but to cover everything else in my house. Talk to the agent if you need more coverage they will most likely have it and it might not be much more.


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