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  1. Bill Griffith

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    Jan 8, 2002
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    I am looking for information on what people think the best remote is on the market.

    I have a

    Panasonic TV (RPTV/HDTV Rdy)

    Samsung VCR

    Proscan DVD

    Dish Network Reciever

    If the remto could control all of these I would be Happy.

    I have two remotes that come close, but one doesn't control the DVD Player as well as I would like Plus has toruble with the Dish Reciever.

    The Other Can't control the Dish except to change chanels and turn it off (No Guide Function).

    I figure no remot is out there that will control each as well as the units remot does but please prove me wrong.

    As a bonus I'd like to be able to control my Kenwood Reciever as well but its not neccesary. IF I could get to 2 controllers on the table that would be better than 4.

  2. GregoriusM

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    Jul 31, 2000
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    Here are the links you'll want to look at on Remote Central, which is THE place to go when choosing a universal remote: The Main page for Remote Central. Be sure to look into the forums listed on the right-hand side of the page. Clicker Picker Enables you to choose the features and price range you like and compare features side by side. Universal Remote Reviews. Reviews by the web site owner. He gives in-depth and fair reviews, and is very knowledgeable about remote controls. User Reviews. The users let you know what their experiences are with the various remote controls. Well worth reading. does not sell remotes, so the opinions in the reviews are about as unbiased as you're going to get.
    I use the Home Theater Master MX-500. It is one great remote. Check out the Home Theater Master forum on RemoteCentral for discussions on the MX-500.
    ... Greg (GregoriusM on RemoteCentral)
  3. MikeLobos

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    Dec 22, 2001
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    How much are you looking to spend? Do you want a touchscreen or a hard button remote?
    Under $100, you can not beat the Radio Shack and One for All remotes. They are hard button remotes. There is much more than meets the eye with these remotes. Their manuals don't even scratch the surface in terms of their power. They can also be connected to a computer and programmed almost anyway you like them. You can check out info on them at This is the definitive site on these remotes and he has a better manual than the one that comes with the unit. I bought the RS 15-2104 and could not be happier. I highly recommend getting a JP1 cable if you go with one of these remotes. has many reviews on these remotes in the User Reviews section.
    Over $100, there are many good remotes in this range just try them before you commit to one. I personally like the MX-500, which is a combo hard button/touchscreen remote.
    Good luck,
  4. JasonKrol

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    Aug 19, 2001
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    i just bought the MX-500 (125.00 at and I lOVE IT!!!

    its very easy to program..although it toom me about 6hourse before i was 100% satisfyed with the way i laid out everything etc..and it can control EVERYTHING! It supports preprogrammed codes and can also learn from existing remotes via ir beam etc.

    then theres the Pronto Pro for touchscreen, although I was more partial to tactile feedback with my buttons..

    FYI: the mx-500 is NOT a combo hardbutton/touchscreen remote, but it has a LCD screen on it..for navigation etc..there are hard buttons located next to items on the screen etc.
  5. David Glenn

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    Dec 29, 2001
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    Another vote for the MX-500. One of my favorite HT toys.

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