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  1. Mark Thomas

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    Feb 5, 2004
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    I have done much research on a good remote to control my HT, but I have an issue that I cannot find a lot about.

    I live in an area in which I cannot receive local channels from my satellite provider. Therefore, I am still relegated to an antenna for the big four stations. I have looked at the Harmony remote and have taken a test drive on their site, and since I have a “remote challenged” wife, the Harmony looks to be close to what I need. However, to watch TV, I need the capability to do it two different ways, SAT or antenna. Is there a better remote for my conditions, or does Harmony have another set of functions that can switch back and forth from SAT to antenna (with one button ease)?

    By the way, I have tried to hook the antenna into the satellite receiver, but I must turn off the receiver to get a clear picture from the antenna.

    I need educated (again)!

  2. Charlie Campisi

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    Aug 20, 2004
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    What do you mean you "have to be able to do it two different ways?" The harmony has programmable buttons. If you mean you have to hit a "Sat to Ant" button, you can just program one of the buttons to do that. If you have to change the configuration of more buttons to go to antenna, you can just make a second activity on the remote. Make one activity "watch tv on satellite" and a second one to "watch tv on antenna." While watching on satellite, if you want to switch to the antenna, hit the "watch tv on antenna" button and you'll be all set. That is one way to do it. There might be easier ways too. Try asking your question on the harmony forum at (but give a little more info about what you are trying to do [​IMG] ).
  3. Scott Merryfield

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    Creating a second activity for either your satellite or local antenna TV viewing would probably be the simplest setup for those in your family who are "remote challenged". I used the "watch TV" activity on our Harmony for viewing standard analog cable via the TV's antenna input, and created a 2nd activity labeled "Watch HDTV" for watching via the cable box.

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