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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Chris:Ran, May 16, 2006.

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    Hey guys. I’m new here. I had a quick question. I remember watching one of the shows on TLC like a few months ago. A guy built his TV into the wall and the wood covered his Remote sensor on the TV, so he could not use his remote. What they did was put this thing in front of the sensor to strength the reception or something.

    Now, to my question. The signal receiver on my TV is very weak. (most of the time the remote has to be almost directly in front of the sensor. It can be like 4-7 feet away, as long as it is in front of the receiver. Does anyone know how to strengthen the signal receptor?

    Thanks for anything you guys can recommend. –Chris
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    Hello Chris,

    Welcome to the forum!

    What you refer to (I think) is an IR-repeater. It takes the signal from a remote, then sends it through its wires and repeats the IR signal just in front of a piece of equipment's "eye".

    You could do that with your TV as well.

    The receiving part of the repeater is most probably sensitive enough to be put somewhere close to the TV and still work, and the emitting part would be right in front of the TV's receiver.

    I'm not sure if it's worth ($) it, though, but that's up to you!


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