Paul Scrabo

Mar 22, 2002
Matt's review of the "Remo Williams" Blu-Ray is as always, spot on, though I do want to mention that I truly feel our commentary has much good stuff to say. The music score remains the number one attraction to me, and our praise of Fred Ward, and his insistence of performing some of his own stunts, is a constant positive thru-out. It's easy and cheap poke fun at Joel Grey's performance, and we never do that. He's dignified, truly funny and the make-up deserved its nomination. To me "Remo" is always a bit frustrating to watch because so many things ARE done well, and I know we've tried to always mention those good points. I think I was trying to figure out why the film did not make the impression that it should have on the audience. I met Guy Hamilton many years ago when I helped on the "Goldfinger" documentary, and I regret not asking him about "Remo".
We were always in awe of the work involved with the Statue of Liberty sequence. The matching up with second unit, the mock set, the real location, amazing. Yes, I have always felt that the Liberty stuff should have ended the film, with the actual villains going after Remo, instead of paid construction workers.
Twilight's presentation is full of extras, including the isolated music score, which I would prefer to hear instead of my voice any day! It's a great disc and I know Remo fans will enjoy seeing the film finally in HD.

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