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Remembering 1985's Return to Oz - Upcoming Documentary (1 Viewer)

Aaron Pacentine

Feb 12, 2014
Hello !

I wanted to reach out to you in regards to an exciting, brand new documentary that I am producing. The film is titled "Remembering Return to Oz: Click Your Heels." It is a film about the 1985 cult-classic film, "Return to Oz."

You may remember watching that film over the years. It stars a young Faiurza Balk as Dorothy and Emma Ridley as Ozma. The film was directed by the established film editor Walter Murch. It was the only film he directed.

The director of "Return to Oz," Walter Murch, will be providing an exclusive interview about the film as well as sharing his memories from behind the scenes... all exclusive to "Remembering Return to Oz!" It will be a very special treat for all the fans, and we are excited to have him involved.

I am personally very excited about this documentary project. Not only is it about one of my favorite films, it is also a chance to showcase the memories from a number of cast and crew members of making that film. Doug Aberle, one of the crew members and who also assisted Will Vinton will the claymation aspects during the film's production, is on board to provide a unique perspective.

Along the way you'll also hear comments from various "Return to Oz" fans as they share their opinions, and others will share their collection of movie memorabilia. We even have some footage submitted from a friend of Fairuza Balk, with the actress speaking about origin of her name. That is a real treat!

Our cover art is going to be fantastic! We are working with an established artist named Vincent Myrand, who is doing a very special centerpiece for our DVD cover artwork. Vincent has beautifully created some amazing scenes from the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz" as well as from "Return to Oz."

At this point in time, our goal is to print the covers, and it will cost only $2,300 to bring the film to life. As of now, we have already gotten over $500 dollars in private donations to help pay for the music licensing to use some scores from the 1985 from Disney.

Please take a look here at our Kickstarter. We do have a number of backers but we still have some time to go. The site link is http://bit.ly/returntoozdoc. Please consider what you may be able to do. We have a number of rewards, and if you donate at the $500 level or above we can name you "co-producer" so you will be credited as a producer on the project!

I know we can meet our goal. Please help and give what you can today!

Help us "Return to Oz" and donate what you can today. Every little bit counts! http://bit.ly/returntoozdoc

Aaron Pacentine - FamilyFilmsProductions.com / familyfilms.net


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