REM Out Of Time out on DVD-A

Discussion in 'Music' started by MikeH1, Nov 11, 2005.

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    I did a search here at HTF but couldn't find any info regarding this release, mind you a lot of discussion in the past about how great of a forthcoming release this disc would be in Hi Rez.

    You can read it the full review here

    I have been waiting for this release in Hi Rez for some years. It has always stood as one of my favorite albums, and even though its been a couple years since I have listened to the entire CD, upon stumbling on this article I of course needed to throw it in the Cd player and 45 minutes later I'm pleased to say none of the magic has been lost.

    The surround mix is stated as being "safe" which unfortenetly as many of us know can be a bit boring at times. However, I would rather much have safe than butchered.

    I have been scouring CD Universe (pretty much the only place I buy music from online) and there was no mention of this in the DVD Audio or SACD sections. Perhaps because of the CD "Double Disc" name it was put into a classification within the site that IMO shouldn't have been. They really need some better organization, I would hate some lost treasures being buried within the CD sections of retailers.

    Anyhoo, can't wait to get this in the mail [​IMG]

    edit: upon doing some more searches here at HTF I do see that it was announced in the past and that this disc has been out for sometime. Too bad its so easily overlooked or I would have had this already.
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    Common problem for DVD-A. On Amazon for instance, DVD-As don't come up in a title search--you have to go to the "Advanced Search" for "Popular Music" and click "DVD-Audio." But Warner's Double Discs (select R.E.M. and Seal titles) do not return as hits of that search, only the general title search.

    This one's been on my longer list of DVD-As to get for a while.


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