Release of more DVD-A and SACD discs?

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    well, i finally own players that support both formats, so i'm very excited to hear more music being recorded in these formats. anyone know if/when more record companies will release modern titles? i'm mainly interested in anything Dave Matthews Band has produced, but i'm also very anxious to hear rock and rap music in 5-channel recordings. (i absolutely love the Metallica and STP DVD-A's and Jackson's Thriller on SACD, despite being only 2-channel.)
    when will they start making more DVD-A's and SACD's available? and how long before they release new music on these formats alongside CD's?
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    No telling when new music will be released day and date with their cd counterparts. Probably not too soon though. Roger Water's In the Flesh Live was released recently on sacd and it's a new release (still waiting for mine to come in the mail actually..)
    But as for sacd, sony's been the main label releasing 'popular' music. With them unleashing their catalog on us with such must have titles like the footloose and top gun soundtracks, it may take a while.
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