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Region Free Panny RP56 with SDI and Coaxial audio mods! (1 Viewer)

Gary Murrell

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Oct 20, 2000
Hey guys

I have here a great SDI modified DVD player, the Panasonic DVD-RP56, this player is black in color, forget those silver components ;)

as everyone knows this the player that is one step under the RP82/RP91, the SDI image in 98% of the infamous RP82/RP91 and other identical players, some say it is better

this player is in 99% cosmetic condition, a few scraps here and there on the top cover

the front panel is 99% condition, sweet condition

the player is in perfect physical working condition of course(see below for details)

The unit comes complete with Power cable, sorry no remotes for these :frowning: (I have lowered price to reflect this)

The DVD player has had these mods/features completed:

1)100% Region Free, you can playback any NTSC DVD from anywhere in the world(The unit will not playback PAL DVD's of course)

2) Macrovision garbage has been 100% disabled :p

2) SDI modification for flawless picture to a outboard scaler, I have tested this on a Iscan VP30 and you can imagine how good the image is

3)High quality coaxial digital audio modification, the only downside to all these good SDI Panasonic DVD players is that most of them only have toslink optical audio outputs, this is no longer a problem with this unit, you are now set with coaxial digital audio, I have tested the coaxial mod on my Sherwood Newcastle/ATI amp setup and it sounds amazing

4)The DVD optical drive in this unit has been calibrated for perfect reading results, giving you the fastest read times and chapter skipping etc., this feature alone cost big $ from a repair shop

5)I have added some great non-skid, anti vibration leveling feet to the unit, making it set level and steady and the feet keep it from moving in your rack

6) I have thoroughly cleaned the unit inside and out, it looks and performs the same as brand new

Here are some pics of the unit:

My Price is 275$ shipped for this unit as a special and I have 3 available

these will ship fully insured for free

I would prefer paypal for this item, but I am open to other forms

Outside USA buyers are welcome and appreciated, but will have to pay more shipping

I have done hundreds of deals here on AVS, Videogon and the Home Theater Forum, along with having over 2000 positive comments on ebay, if you need a reference I can surely supply ;)

If you have any questions please email me at: gmurrell1 "at" bigsandybb.com email gets quickest repsonse, as I check it hourly

Thanks for your interest, DVD playback does not get any better than this and I can gurantee that :)


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