Region Encoding or PAL vs NTSC

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    I have a few questions regarding playing movies from england in the US and vice versa. First off, I know that you can't play british VCR videos in the US without converting them to NTSC because they use the PAL system. How does this apply to DVD's and region encoding? I live in the US. If i had an all region dvd player, would i be able to view british dvd's or would i still run into the PAL vs. NTSC issue? Also, how does this apply to games like PS2 and X-BOX? Do PS2 games sold in different areas of the world have region encoding like DVD's? Thanks for anyone who can help clear this up for me.
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    Hello Aaron,

    Yes, region encoding is not the same as color-system. Japan is region 2, but they have NTSC. Europe is region 2 as well, but have PAL.
    What you need, apart from a DVD-player that will play region 2 and can put out a PAL compatible signal, is a TV-set (or projector) that can display PAL images.

    In Europe, most TV-sets can display NTSC images (since approx. 5 - 10 years now), so only an appropriate DVD-player is needed there.

    Note that the problem is a bit different for computer DVD-drives. These things are slightly more international, so they can play all regions (and you can leave it to your software to bring it to your PC-screen, or else you may have hardware that can output a TV-type signal), but nowadays either the driver and/or the drive will lock onto a specific region after 5 playing sessions.

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    There are several DVD players like the Malata 520, available from, that will convert PAL to NTSC very nicely and are region free

    Video games have been using some form of region coding since the mid-80s, but ifyou have a region 0 PAL disc, the XBox will do the conversion for a DVD. In my experience, most UK discs are flagged for PAL-60 playback, and read the system settings so they have no problem playing back on NTSC once you get past the region coding

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