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Jul 24, 2002
It sounds like it depends on what you are paying. I'm not too familiar with Samsung or Marantz. The acknowledged best 42" plasmas are Pioneer (better colors), Panasonic (better blacks) and Fujitsu (both? too rich for my blood), so I have kept to research on them. www.avsforum.com 's Plasma forum has a lot of people with plasma experience, perhaps asking there would get you a good answer as far as quality.
As far as enhanced def vs HD, I will probably buy an Enhanced-def Panasonic plasma when I do, as my concerns are gaming and DVDs (I don't watch TV, I work 2nd shift, the only TV on when I get home is the Ronco Food Dehydrator commercials). Any TV I watch is generally on DVD these days (x-files, B5, anime). From what I hear on avsforum, HD on enhanced-def Panny plasma looks very good anyway.

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Apr 3, 2003
Ok, I went plasma tv shopping. Looked at as many in my area as possible and it comes down to this. I can buy a factory refurbished Marantz PD4290D Digital Wide-screen Plasma. Apparently I can and will get a 4 year extended warranty on that. My other option is for a brand new Samsung 42" Flat-Screen 16:9 Plasma-Display Enhanced-Definition Digital TV Monitor
Model: SPL4225K
. Both will end up costing me close to the same amount of money. Both looked good to me at the time of viewing although I didn't get to see the refurbished Marantz, only a store model as I am ordering elsewhere. This tv will be my main tv however I don't do a lot of tv viewing so I will most likely use this for dvd watching nearly as much as for tv viewing. Also, I really need to know if satellite or digital cable really matter in reference to this. I realize I may get a few more channels with HD via satellite but I've been told cable companies will have more and more HD channels available as time goes on. Also the fact I'll be having a cable internet connection leaves me to believe I may get in on a package deal. I really will appreciate any comments on anyone who may have had a refurbished plasma. Reportedly the Marantz has been refurbished to the original specifications of the monitor and the fact that I can get the 4 years on it adds even more assurance that they do this process right.

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