refurbished 16:9 tv's - dangerous?

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  1. Sean Patrick

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    i have my heart set now on getting a 16:9 tube tv FAST, and i'm seeing some amazing deals on b-stock/refurbished units. Just how dangerous is it to buy these sets? i went through TWO brand new TW40X81's that were plagued by problems, but my dolby digital receiver which is 3 years old now was bought refurbished and has been the most stable and reliable part of my small home theatre setup.
    any comments welcome
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    Nov 1, 1998
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    You need to be careful of sets whose screens have been subjected to uneven wear, notably burn in of station logos or the "MUTE" or channel number of the on screen displays.
    Take along a Video Essentials or Avia disk and play all seven of the solid color test screens, looking for burn ins or non-uniform brightness mimicking letterbox bars.
    Reject the set if there is any sign of uneven wear or burn in.
    Other video hints:
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    I am having a hard time deciding between fp and rp.however,there is a sears scratch and dent shop here in town.They have alot of nice tv's for nice prices.Thing is,they are all as is however,you can get the extended warranty so it might not be too bad.
    THey have the 47" panny for under $1300,add $200 ish to that for the warranty and you are still way undere the normal price for the set...just a thought
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