Recording thru a Denon 4802

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    Dec 5, 2001
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    I have a Denon 4802 and I have my VCR connected to the receiver using the set of composites IN and OUT and the composite outputs of my cable box to the inputs on my receiver. Having the VCR connected to the receiver using this method I should be able to record cable using the receiver to switch sources. Basically what I am trying to do is be able to record cable tv without having a coax cable source connected to my VCR. It's a long story why I want to do this so don't ask [​IMG] I used to have this setup with my old receiver, but when I got my Denon it stopped working.
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    I've been trying to figure out how to record to VCR with my AVR-4800 since I bought the dang thing... I have as yet been unsuccessful....
    First of course, I know there is no input/output switching, so the input source and record out device (VCR) must both be using the same interconnect type (Composite, S-video, component....) I think you have that going...
    Then there is some weird combo of buttons for setting input source and record out device on the receiver... I DON'T think you can do it from the remote.... I think at least SOME of this setup HAS to be done from the receiver front panel....
    I surely would like to get an answer to this one myself!
    Of course, with a composite VCR, I won't be able to record much.... as all my other video sources are either S-video or component...
    What I'd REALLY like to do is have a VCR (and everything else) with Component IN/(OUT) jacks and run everything through a component switcher so that evrything is recordable/vieable, etc to everything else.... [​IMG]
    We all need dreams, right? [​IMG]

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