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    Is it possible to record a HD picture on a vhs tape. I have a Dish/expressview 6000 stb and that downcoverts the signal to allow the recording. Can you record in the 1080 format or are the two systems not compatible. I have read articles that Hollywood is involved and they are protecting their copy right interests
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    Most of this is from a post I made back in Feb., but I've added some new info.
    There are a few different ways to record HDTV at this time.
    One is to use the 169time modification for the RCA DTC-100, which acts as the DTV tuner, and a DV recorder or the Panasonic PV-HD1000 DVHS VCR. This works for your local DTV/HDTV stations and will soon have an option to also record the two DirecTV HDTV stations, HBO & the demo loop/PPV movie channel.
    Here's another way to record HDTV. The original intended use of the PV-HD1000 was to record with the Panasonic TU-DST50 or 51 DTV tuner. The tuner receives your local DTV/HDTV stations and sends the digital signal to the PV-HD1000 for recording (or visa-versa for playback).
    You can also record the four Dish Network HDTV channels, HBO, Showtime, 24 hr. PPV movies & demo loop, by using a Dish model 5000 with HD Modulator. Two PV-HD1000's connected by FireWire (IEEE 1394) can make perfect digital copies of your DTV or HDTV recordings. This equipment was discontinued by Panasonic & Dish Network, most likely due to pressure from the MPAA & their fears about illegal use of program material (bootlegging). There is a user forum for the Panasonic PV-HD1000 on Yahoo.
    If deciphering a Japanese instruction manual doesn't bother you, JVC has a new DVHS unit for their home market, the model HM-DH30000, which will record & playback our DTV/HDTV signals and the new Japanese HDTV system tapes (no kidding, it's called the BS system) on 1080i capable HD monitors. The cost delivered here in the US is less than $1400, but you will also need one of the Panasonic tuners mentioned above to act as the DTV/HDTV tuner.
    The last option is to use the HiPix PC card DTV tuner. It receives the signal and records it on the PC hard drive. The drawbacks here are the size limit of your hard drive & the other two ways let you archive on tape, if you want to.
    For now, that's about it. 169time has said they may add the Dish 6000 to the list of units they will modify for DTV/HDTV recording, but that's in the future.
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