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    I am having trouble recording from dish to my VCR, I remember being told to make sure the VCR is st to channel 3 but I can't seem to get it to record. I was able to record before but I forget how, also it recorded the program in SP mode. Any ideas on how to record in SLP ie: 6 hours on a 2 hour tape.
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    From the dish receiver you should be running the line inputs to your VCR. If you have an SVHS VCR, run the SVHS in to it and make sure that the VCR is set to SVHS in the setup menu. If no SVHS, just run the red, white & yellow RCA's to the VCR's INPUTS (Usually labeled "Line In"). When you set it to record it must be set to "Line In" not channel 3. This will give you a nearly indistinguishable picture from the broadcast if using SVHS and a watchable picture if using the yellow RCA or composite input. To record 6 hrs on a 2 hr tape, the setting is usually EP. I haven't seen SLP in quite a while, but if your VCR is old it may be on it. If your VCR is old, consider upgrading to an SVHS, the difference is amazing. If you are not using RCA's, there should be a coaxial output on the back of the Dish receiver, to which you would run to the coaxial in on the VCR. In that case, you would set your VCR to channel 3. However, this is the least desirable hookup option and I would strongly recommend against it. Hope that helps.

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