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    To obtain high quality recordings of made for TV movies, such as, Children of Dune, Helen of Troy and Napoleon each episode should be recorded on a separate RAM at the SP speed. Using the Panasonic DMR 30, 50, 60 or 80 remote select "Functions", "Direct Navigator" and "Shorten Segment."

    Three windows will appear on the TV screen within "Shorten Segment" to help you flag the begining and ending of each string of commercials. After flagging the commercials follow these steps to combine the video and audio from each RAM to a DVD-R. (Flaging commercials on for a 2 hour episode takes approximatley 20 minutes.)

    1. Record the exact time the first episode ends.
    2. Familiarize your self with the last scene on episode one.
    3. Select "Flexible Recording" on the remote.
    4. Set the recording time for 3 hours.
    5. Insert RAM 1 in a Panasonic RP 82, 91, 50, etc.
    6. When the RAM begins playing select enter on the remote to start the recording.
    7. At the end of episode 1 select "pause".
    8. Switch RAMS in the player and select "pause" on the recorder's remoteto begin recording again.
    9. After episode 2 finishes finalize the DVD-R to DVD Video so it will be playable in most players.

    You now have an excellent copy of Helen of Troy, Children of Dune, whatever, on a single DVD.
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    It's a lot easier and cleaner with a DVD-MULTI drive in your computer. has information.

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