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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Chris Bardon, Dec 14, 2003.

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    So now that prices have dropped so much and I find myself burning a boatload of CDs for data storage, I'm thinking of finally going to a DVD writer. Since I'm sure there are at least a few DVD burning enthusiasts here, I have a couple questions:

    -Is there still a big issue with the different formats? I was looking at an LG burner that handled all four, but the HP only used +R and +RW. Is there a major difference in compatability, or media price?

    -What is a good price on both single write and rewritable media these days? I'm in Canada, so a Canadian price would be preferable. I'm willing to buy in quantity if there's a price break (I buy CDRs by the 50 or 100, so dvdRs wouldn't be a problem).

    -What's the compatability of the RW and R discs in set top players? I'd like to play around with authoring my own DVDs, but want to make sure that my player can actually read the discs that I burn.

    -Is there a stated lifespan for burnt discs? People have claimed there is with CDRs, but I can still read the discs I burned back in 1998 just fine. Has anyone had a burnt DVD fail on them?

    Anyhow, thanks for the information-hopefully Santa Claus (or the wife) gets me a DVD burner for Christmas!
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    DVDRHelp has a nice amount of feedback regarding which DVD players play what media. I'd suggest poking around there as a start.

    If you have a Best Buy in your area (doubtful if you are in Canada), the Liteon 411S is on sale for $80 after MIR this week. I just bought my second one today for my new PC I'm building. If you do get this drive, be sure to upgrade its firmware to at least "FSOF". It burns all 4 formats, and maxes out at 4X for some of the media types, and 2X for others.
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    bestbuy currently has a great deal on a lite-on dual format dvd burner


    you will not beat that deal even with a generic burner

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