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Jul 7, 2004
i can't seem to find the thread i'd started yesterday about possibly mixing and matching non-boston speakers with my boston vr940s to complete my speaker set-up. i hope i'm not in violation somehow but since i haven't heard from an admin about possible deletion of the thread i'm assuming some sort of tech glitch happened.

but thanks to all those who'd posted replies/suggestions to my initial question. i am watching an ebay auction for a pair of vrs pros. if the eventual price gets too close to the price of a brand new pair of cr55s or 65s (or if i can't win the auction) i'll probably opt to track those down somehow. so, now here's a new (related question):

on the boston site they say that the recommended amplifier power for the cr55s is 10-75 watts and for the 65s 15-100 watts. what does this mean? is it a bad idea to hook either of these up to a receiver with a higher rated output? also what does the frequency response mean? what should the range be for a pair of surround speakers?

thanks again!

Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
Hi Arnab. Welcome to HTF!

There is a lot of good, basic information on speakers, power, volume in our HTF Primer and FAQ (It is a little icon at the top of the Basics fourm.) Highly recommended.

I'll give you the short answer about trying to match speaker power and reciever power levels: dont worry about it. As long as you dont dial up the volume to insane levels, you should be fine.

Enjoy your stay.

Jack Briggs

Senior HTF Member
Jun 3, 1999
Also, just run a search for your original thread. If you posted on a Friday afternoon, when it's pretty dead here, your thread just may have fallen off the main thread-listing page. In the future, do that instead of starting a new thread about the same topic. But since I'm too lazy to search for that thread, we'll let it pass.

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