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Recommendations for treatment of concrete wall (1 Viewer)


Sep 14, 2008
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Stan Walters
I'm looking for recommendations on what to use on the wall behind my screen. Here's the basics:
-Basement room
-3 walls finished in drywall.
-1 wall (Screen wall) is concrete.
-Front L/R/C and Sub will all be some distance in front of concrete wall such that the screen and the fronts of the speakers are relatively on the same plane.
-Wooden frame for screen to bolt to, and for grille-cloth panels that will cover everything that is not screen to snap on to.
-Room is 10' wide at the screen area. There is a 3' x 3' closet to the left of the screen, so the seating area of the room is actually 13' wide.
-There is a half-wall 14' from the screen which separates this area of the basement from another finished area which is 13' x 40'
-Other notable item is brick fireplace and mantle on back wall of other area, directly across from front channel (but 25'+ away)

This room is far from perfect but all I have and the layout is in place, I now have to do whatever I can to make it sound better. From what I've read, my current plan is to have some kind of panels on the left and right walls in the seating area (this I have no time constraint for), but I also need to have some kind of treatment on that concrete wall behind the screen. Again, from my reading, it seems that OC703 2" the entire width and height would be desirable, but because of the brick at the opposite end, I'm wondering if I need more. I also have some flexibility here since it doesn't matter how thick it is or what it looks like.

Any info or recommendations appreciated! Thanks.

Allan Jayne

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Nov 1, 1998
I would think that the front wall, behind the speakers, would have less influence on the sound but in your case it could be a matter of putting more sound insulation back there hidden from view instead of space consuming sound insulation on the exposed side walls. I would also think that if you did put sound insulation on the side walls, you would not need any behind the screen.

I would just decorate it or hang curtains in front of it for appearance's sake.

My own home theater is much the same also with a concrete wall left bare behind the screen. Actually I painted the wall black except that the paint roller did not fill in all the pores and bubble holes in the concrete surface. Also I hung my screen several inches in front and put some shelves behind to store stuff (the screen tilts up and out for access)

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