Recommendations for Installers in NYC / Westchester Area?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by geli7, Apr 9, 2014.

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    I recently purchased a home and am looking for an installer to set up a home theater in the living room. I'm looking for someone to be able to have a look at the room and provide design ideas for the best way to set up all the components (TV, speakers, peripherals, etc) in a way that makes for comfortable viewing. I need someone to have a look at what might be a potentially difficult room due to design and dimensions and come up with ideas for the optimal way to set everything up.Does anybody have any recommendations for such a company in the area of NYC or suburbs? I'm in Westchester. Looking for someone that does good work, provides good service, and is competitively priced.Thanks!
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    One suggestion that may yield dividens is to describe what you have to work with and what you have in mind as an end result and post it here. The suggestions you get back, along with some research can give you a pretty good idea how good the ideas are for whomever ultimately bulids or installs what you want.

    I did a lot of looking and thinking before I started. I used a local building contractor whom I had experience with. They were the ones that built my house. Construction techniques to moderate sound nto and out of an area, and enhance the acoustics in an area are not the norm in general construction. Planning ahead, providing lots of detail and to some extent, buying specific materials (like sound isolation clips and green glue) and keeping track of the construction if you contract it out can keep things on track and manage costs.

    I was also lucky enough to have prior experience with a good contractor and builder. If the area (room) is already finished, and the theater is going to be added on, the suggestiions you might find here could be very useful.

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