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  1. Gwen W

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    Dec 22, 2001
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    I am looking at purchasing a DVV Home Theater System and would appreciate some feedback from some experienced readers. I am plan to spend under $1000.Consumer Report recommends Kenwood HTB -504 but I do not see it mentioned many other places including My husband was recommended a Sony system. Any recommendations on where to buy? I really appreciate the info.
  2. Albert M

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    Jun 19, 2001
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    Welcome to the htf. The Kenwood HTB504 is very good for the money. If you go to and and print out the price, Sears should price match one of the print outs. The price would be around $425 after tax. The Toshiba SD1700 dvd player can be had for $140(Sunday&Monday only) at Best Buy.
    For Kenwood HTB504 reviews go to and
  3. Jeff Sch.

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    Nov 30, 2001
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    Hi and welcome to the forums.
    I am a 19yr old student and was in the same boat as you a couple of months ago. Please remember when reading that this is coming from a normal everyday person and not an audiofile like many here who complain about every little sound and feature in a HT setup. I have been listening to music for years and the setup i am going to recommend sounds great for both HT and Music. There are some very helpful people on this forum and please take there advice as well. Be warry though of the occasional ass who will trash talk what you are looking at buying. These are the few who maybe got a bad unit/speaker or say that $1000 system will be shi**y. These people probably have multi thousand $$ setups and just cant be satisfied and need some help. With that said here you go.
    I to was contemplating over the HTB-504 or building my own. I also wanted to keep it under $1000. After extensive searching and demoing lots of eqipment I decided to build my own. I recommend the HTB-504 if you want good sound but fo me it wasnt enough. I just didnt like the speakers in the package. The thing i did like about the htb-504 was the reciever( Kenwood VR-507) which is exellent for the price and provides features that usually only expensive recievers have. The 5x100 @ .07thd is power rating is great and will handle most speakers today. I highly recommend this reciever. Link to specs
    After finding that reciever i needed speakers and a sub.
    I decided the the JBL northridge series which produce both great sound for music and home theater.
    For the fronts i got the N26's and for the backs the n24's which are smaller. Together, they sound like a system that could cost over $2000. Many of my friends with bose systems and other expensive stuff couldnt believe their ears when they heard my stuff. Now comes the sub and this is where you decide if you want an earth shaking one or a good clean tight one. I personally chose the Sony SAWM40 which has a 12' sub. It is earthshaking and cant be touched for the $150 price. link to reviews
    After all is said and done the setup i just told about will make you very happy and will put people in awe when they here it. Lastly here are are the places to pick up the components. These are extremly low prices and both companies are very respectful and authorized dealers.
    JBL N26 (pair) - 139.99 Free shipping
    JBL N24 (pair) - 99.99 Free shipping
    total = 240.00
    Kenwood vr-507 - 229.00
    JBL NCenter - 87.00
    Sony Sawm40 - 139.95
    Shipping around 40.00
    total = 485.95
    Grand total of puchases = $725.95 + whatever cables cost.
    Overall i hope this long post helped you out and maybe even help you decide on getting some JBL's also. Have fun anf enjoy whatever you get
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    well Gwen, if you buy the package of JBL speakers (the NSP-1), you get a great deal: 4 of the N24 speakers and the N-center for $299 shipped. J&R has great prices and is an authorized dealer, whereas etronics is likely not. the JBL + Sony SA-WM40 is the way to go and will slaughter any HTB system out there. match that with the Kenwood '507 and a Panasonic RV31 (~$170) and you have yourself an excellent system for

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