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    I currently have a Brother MFC-4600 and it has worked fine until a month ago.It is less than a year old. It has progressively printed lighter and lighter. I replaced the toner cartridge even though it said it was fine. It didn't help. I cleaned the areas described in the manual but still no improvement. I haven't changed out the drum assembly yet as its quite a bit more expensive and there are no errors on the printer that would indicate otherwise. Brother themselves has been little or no help so now I'm thinking about a new setup. Should I have gone with HP or Canon? This is for a home office so it doesn't have to be fast, just reliable.[​IMG]
    What have been others experiences with laserjets? Is Brother a bad purchase?
    Thanks for your input.[​IMG]
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    You might want to replace the drum before you go out and buy a new printer.

    The poor print quality certainly sounds like the drum needs replacing.

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