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    Sep 10, 2001
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    I just want to add surround sound to my bedroom. I've got two home theater systems already one latest greatest 7.1 system and one older used to be latest greatest 5.1 system in the family room. I just want to use some of my christmas bonus to buy a small setup for my bedroom.

    5.1 is fine, DTS, DD basics, etc.

    i've looked at those HT in a box packages across the board... but having spent so much time building my main theater it's kinda hard to swallow getting 5 little cube speakers around the room... Plus they a lot of them have built in DVD players which I don't really want, I'd rather get a seperate dvd player... but then again something like the panasonic SC-ht470 is like $400 and I'd have 600 left over to get other goodies like actual movies and music...

    So I'm really looking for any suggestions on a sub $1000 system for my bedroom which is not too big.

    I've seen some speaker packages online for about $450 not including subwoofer (i.e. PSB Alpha Minis, NHT SuperOnes, etc.) that I think might be an option, but I'm not sure what to do about sub $600 receivers...

    Ideally I'd like to spend $500 on speakers and $500 on a receiver with 5.1 analog inputs for DVD-A and SACD, but i know this might be pushing it... I'll add a DVD player later and just use my PlayStation 2 and portable DVD player for now.

    Thanks everyone.

    BTW. I just noticed I've been a member since september 11th. I'm almost positive I joined before then, weird.
  2. Joe McRae

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    Dec 14, 2001
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    I just bought a Denon 1602 with the energy take 5 speaker system as my first home theater purchase. I was very satisfied with the home theater capabilities of this system. But wasn't happy with the musical reproduction of the small take five's up front. I returned the speakers for a celestion f series setup, much better.

    If you are just looking for home theater I think you would be very satisfied with that setup. check out the reviews at they are very helpful
  3. Dustin B

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    Mar 10, 2001
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    Is this just speakers, sub and receiver? Or do you need a TV and DVD player for the system too?
    I'll assume it's the former and as usual will suggest DIY if you have or have access to some tools. For your budget I would recommend some Speaker Clearing House kits.
    You could build 3 of their K05B41 kits and 2 of their K05B10 kits. This would result in 5 identical speakers that are about 12" x 8" x 8" (the only difference is the B41 is shielded and the B10 isn't). K05B41 is $90 a pair (individual will be around $45). The K05B10 is $67 a pair. In both cases you can spend another $15 a pair and have the crossovers preassemebled if you don't want to take on soldering. For another $15 a pair you can have the front baffels cut for you (the hardest part of building speakers is routing out the driver holes). And for another $15 a pair you can get these nice fabric socks so that all you have to do to finish them is glue some finished wood to the top and bottom of the speaker.
    So bare kits would cost $200 for the 5 speakers plus box construction and finishing materials.
    All the extras I mentioned would bring it to $315 for the 5 speakers plus box construction (minus baffels) and top and bottom finishing pieces.
    Then for the sub, Parts Express have a great deal on a Dayton DVC 12" driver and a 250 watt plate amp right now. So with some help from the guys on the DIY forum you could build a sweet 2-3 cubic foot sub for $235 plus box construction and finishing materials (although you may want to do this one sonotube style).
    So lets say we are at $435 to $550 plus lets say $150-$250 for construction and finishing materials. That brings the range to $585 to $800. Then add $350 for an Onkyo TXDS596 and your range depending on finishing options is now $935 to $1150.
    A member of this forum who has build the SCH kits would take them over Paradigm MiniMonitors, and the Dayton 12" DVC sub if properly designed should match a Paradigm PW2200 for performance. It won't be even remotely possible to get a PW2200 and 4 MiniMonitors for less than $1000 USD.
  4. Chip E

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    Nov 25, 2000
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    I'm doing the same thing you are.. i already have a Panasonic SuperFlat 27" tv & Dish 4900 Dolby Digital receiver in my bedroom. I've decided to go with PSB Alpha B's Alpha C center and either Alpha S bipoler surround's or another set of Alpha B's. These come in a light cherry finish that'll go good in my bedroom since i've had all my furniture refinished. I'll being demoing them Saturday at a dealer near me, here in South Jersey. In my main rig i use PSB Stratus Silveri 's, C6i center and Image 10S bipoler surround's from the same dealer. For a receiver, it's tough if you want certain options to come in at $500.00. Now, i thought the Onkyo 595 or Denon 1802 would work...I think i may "up" mt budget a hair and buy either the Onkyo 696, Denon 2802 or maybe even the Harman Kardon 520 (the 520 & 2802 won't pass a HD signal at full bandwidth though , no preouts on the 595) It's looking like the 696...preouts & 50 mhz bandwidth along with a what appears too be a great, backlit,learning remote with a nice big display, good when your sleepy, lol. Everyone seems too think Onkyo's are user friendly too.) I'm not sure about a dvd player yet but, since i already have an SVS 20-39PC in the main rig, a 25-31PC is a must for the bedroom [​IMG]
    Hope this helped [​IMG]
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    Dec 14, 2001
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    I am doing the same thing for the master b-room, setting up a system. This is what i have bought for it:

    4 each of the Kenwood KV-64 "AC3" dipole speakers for $92 a pair shipped from I know, I know, Ubid sucks sometimes, but these are brand new and are white in color so they blend great with a b-room. I already have a pair set up, and they are fabuluos little speakers, since they fire from 2 sides, the whole room is a "sweet spot". I have the other set on the way. These are wall mountable also.

    Next I bought a Sony WM40 sub, for $170 shipped, on line.

    This is the best under $200 sub according to reviews and raves, and fine for the bedroom. I am putting mine inside the closet, so it will not be in the way and hidden.

    So for about $350 you can take of the speakers.

    I would look at again and pick a new H/K 310 for about $300 shipped, now this is new so no refurbs. I bought a refurb 310 and it works great except it had some scratches on the face, but mine was a refurb. I saw brand new ones for $300 recently.

    And last I got a Panny rv-31 for about $161 out the door from Best Buy. For a total of $ 815. Then I would take the left over $185 and a great night on the town with that special someone. IMHO. Happy Holidays.

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