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Mar 3, 2012
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Hi fellas, I am putting together my first HT and i need some help :) I just bought the Energy RC-Micro 5.0 speaker set for 90% movies and 10% music along with a pioneer vsx-1121-k to fill an open area 16'L x12'W x9'H with wood laminate floors (4' opening in back corner leads to living room, no door to close). I'm looking for a sub in the $200-$300 range...I first thought the BIC F12 would be fine for $188 but a few detailed reviews I read made me want to spend a little more. One thing i'm keeping in mind is that the Energy Micro's only go down to 150hz so i'm looking for subs that will have decent mid bass...or can crossover at ~160hz or should I not worry about that? What would you recommend if you had to get a sub in the $200-$300 price range for my setup?? aaannnddd what sub would be the best bang for buck? Please remember I am a HT noob, I am not an audiophile, i'm just looking for a decent sub that pairs well with my satellites within my budget. I don't need the sub to shake my entire house, I just want to "feel" the movies and fill the room. I am patient and if a sub good sub goes on sale every couple of months that would be great for my setup I do not mind waiting. A few subs I was considering: BIC PL-200 for $275ish (when it goes back on sale it was) Lava LSP12 for $300 HSU STF1 for $269 (don't know if its big enough for the family room and will there be a hole since it doesn't go up to 150hz) Energy s10.3 for $199 (currently on sale until tomorrow, IMO best bang for buck right now but maybe too small??) An issue I might have is placement of the sub...I might have to squeeze it's back against the wall next to the TV so that made me think that a rear ported sub would not be the wisest choice. This is why i looked at the Lava LSP12 because its ported in the front. Please tell me if this is a real issue or can I just put the sub sideways instead of facing the front. Please help me out guys any advice or recommendation is greatly appreciated :D

gene c

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Aug 5, 2003
Bay area, Ca
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You do need a sub that can reach up to the little Micro's. I'm not a sub expert by any means but I think it's between the BIC-PL200 and the Lava. They look similar on paper but Lava is a subwoofer company first and formost and they have a 5 year warranty on both the driver and the amp. The BIC is 7 on the driver but only two years on the amp. I have a Dayton HSU-8 which is an HSU STF-1 knockoff and while it's a fine little sub, an 8" driver isn't enough for a room that big. There's also a discount for HomeTheaterForum members. Email Lava with the forum name and your user name and they will send you a discount code for 15% off, if it's still available (everything ends sooner or later).

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