Recommend me a seven channel amp for my system please

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Ed Werner, Jun 1, 2003.

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    My system is in my signature. I would like to get an amp that is rated AT LEAST the same as my reciever (130/ch @8 ohm). It sounds great right now, but this is something I have been thinking about for a little while now. I will bi-amp my mains and center using the DTR 8.2 to power the highs so it won't be stressed. The 7 ch. amp will run the mids in front and center and the 4 surrounds. I will have 3 powered subs by then (I have two now, thats a different I am not looking for insane power as I live in an apt. but for insane clarity with a nice punch. On a side note, I like the sound of my reciever now, I was thinking of the Integra DTA 9.4 (even though it is 120/ch. I guess I could let it slip through) or something along those lines. The integra is more neutral sounding than the regular onkyo lineup so I guess matching an amp to the sound I allready have should not be too hard.

    A nice feature would be adjustable inputs on the amp, and of course it would need unbalanced connectors. Silver or black w/ silver accents are a plus, but I will certainly buy for performance over asthetics. In actuality, I will probably be buying this used as I won't have around 3g to spend, more like $1500.00 so buying a demo unit or from another audiophile is a definate possibility (and probability).


    Thanks in advance.


    P.S. A 5ch and matching 2ch amp would be ok also. I just have been looking at the Parasound HALO amps, and boy they look nice. The A52 and A23 are at 125/ch. Are these way out of my range if I buy them used? Anyone know what they are new? What about the Parasound 1205A and 1000A?
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    I was warned not to mix different amps in a bi-amping configuration. Something to do with input sensitivity and other technical issues I cannot recall. You should probably do some research on that subject before you take the plunge.

    I've read good reviews on the Antham 7 ch amp and the B&K 7 ch model. Haven't heard them myself.
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    I agree with Mike above, those two manu's have some formidible offerings. Rotel with some external, may also fit your bill. I would mentioned the SOny STR-DA7ES, but it looks like you are allready in the hi-end line Onkyo, so the SOny isn't going to offer you much.

    You mentioned outboards as a possibility, doesnt Onkyo make some integrated? As long as you have preouts, which you do, you are set-up now for more power. That is Onkyo wise. Maybe you want to migrate to something more elite....?
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