Recommend a receiver upgrade for $1500?

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    I'm in the market to upgrade my home theater (primarily the receiver) to something with all the latest bells and whistles. I currently have only a THX-certified Pro-Logic system (Kenwood KC-X1 and KZ-X1 pre-amp/tuner and matching amplifier) and am using the THX-certified family of Boston Acoustics speakers (555x, 575x, 595x LCR, surround and passive subwoofer family that came out in the mid 90's.)
    So, that means my idea of bells and whistles starts with at least adding Dolby Digital and DTS, and also considering all the other modes -- Dolby Pro-Logic II (?), Dolby Surround EX, THX Ultra, and any other notable 5.1,6.1 or 7.1 technologies. I don't want to have to upgrade again for awhile [​IMG]
    Of course, I need plenty of inputs (6 video game consoles, plus Direct TV, DVD, VCR, CD, etc hook-ups.) Right now I run the game consoles on a JVC s-video switcher which I can still do, but having a dedicated input for each would be nice. My television is not component-capable, but someday I will upgrade that as well, so video options should include at least S-Videos, with some wiggle room for component video options.
    Since budget is not unlimited, I'd like to simply replace the receiver with a better one in the $1000-$1500 price range. Any more than that and I'd have to start convincing the wife I'm not insane. I realize that for surround I'll need to replace my Pro-Logic/THX dipole speakers with direct-firing models, but hopefully I can at least retain my other speakers.
    I'm not really hot on the idea of theater-in-a-box solutions, and I've got a 5-channel THX amp that I suppose could be used with a new receiver, but if the latest-and-greatest in my price range has an integrated amp I suppose I could figure out something to do with an unused amp.
    I'm not looking for a particular brand, but I would probably be leary about something from, say, JVC and probably can't afford something that extreme audiophiles will recommend.
    The primary function of the receiver will be to watch movies, some television, and music via CD (in that order of importance.) The viewing room is medium-sized to small (an apartment living room.) I'm still satisfied with my Marantz RC-2000 remote control, so the unit's included remote won't have much bearing on my decision.
    I'd really appreciate getting some best-of-breed selections from people who have been satisfied with their recent purchases, or know of any
    soon-to-be-released hot ticket items. I'll consider separates if someone has a really good argument [​IMG]
    Bottom line, are there any market-leading, de-facto standard, you-can't-go-wrong-if-you-buy-this receivers currently in release for my price range?
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    Robbie, there is nothing wrong with JVC, there latest upper line RXDP9 and RXDP10 models are very respectable and hold their own with the likes of Denon's, Onkyo's, Sony ES's, Pioneer Elite's, etc.,etc.,etc comparable models. As for spending $1500 on a receiver, you say you have a power amplifier so why not consider a pre/pro from Rotel(RSP-1066:MSRP $1499), Outlaw 950:MSRP $899(if they ever start shipping the 950 model again), Sherwood(when their new one comes out) and relegate the old receiver to the bedroom. Many options to consider.
  3. Michael Mathius

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    Nov 12, 2000
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  4. AustinKW

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    Hold the fort! I would not recommend ANY receiver over $1000 at this time. Due to the copy protection mess, both digital audio and hirez video connections are in a severe state of flux. Hirez audio will soon be connected to receivers/pre-pros via 1394 FireWire (see Pioneer 49TXi and Denon 5803). DVI video is provided on almost ALL the new TVs and STBs coming out this fall. I would wait before plunking down big bucks until your "dream" receiver/pre-pro has one or more digital connections for hirez audio (DVD-Audio/SACD) and has DVI video switching rather than the soon-to-be useless component video switching. My best estimate is summer/fall of 2003. In the meantime, get a decent cheap receiver with all the latest decoding modes, dust off that amp of yours and enjoy HT until next fall. Good luck.

  5. DanaA

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    Auston does make a lot of sense. You might want to wait until the dust has cleared, as umpleasant as that might be to do so. I'm personally going to hold off on purchases of a new DVD player and pre/pro until I can see more clearly what the powers that be have in store for the future of home theater. I purchases my Mitsubishi in some part because it has firewire and guaranties it will be upgradable to any future standard. On the other hand, these changes tend to drag on for years and sometimes never come to pass, so who knows?

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