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Discussion in 'Displays' started by gsmith2885, Nov 28, 2010.

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    I am replacing my 29in TV and am looking for an upgrade. I have an entertainment center that restricts the size of my TV. Max size is 28in high and 46.5in wide. I will not be wall mounting so the height with the stand will be needed. Now on to what I want.

    resolution: 1080p

    cost: less than $1000

    type: any except plasma(I have sunlight on the TV part of the day)

    Speakers are not necessary. I also do not care for 3D. I have spent all day looking at several websites and have not found one that really works for me. Thank you in advance.
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    It's way too early in the 3D process for me to buy a 3D TV. Nothing's been standardized yet, and aren't there like 3 types of 3D out there?
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    I have a 42" Samsung Plasma TV in my living room which has two big windows, and a door with a window, even with direct sunlight on the TV I have no issues with bright light, so this is a myth. Only thing I have noticed with it is if I have the lamp on in the corner, I get reflections on the screen with dark scenes, but if I turn it off and turn on the overhead light, picture is awesome! And for movie watching we turn the lights off anyway. As for the sizes, I say bring a tape measure with you to the store and measure the TV's, then again they are all wall mounted, and you would be using a stand. So maybe ask the store's employee about height with stand. But I am guessing 42" would be the biggest you can use. My TV with stand is 27.8 tall. Stands typically add 2-4" to the overall height, depending on brands and screen size. My stand is 2". As for the 3D, I have viewed them in stores. Without the glasses on it looks like the crappy old 3D effects to me. You know, with the green and red outlines. And there are no actual 3D discs or broadcasts anyway. And the whole 3D crap is getting out of hand anyway, seems like every movie is 3D now... just a gimmick to make even more off that overpriced ticket to me. AND I HAVE NO DESIRE TO WATCH TV WEARING GLASSES ALL THE TIME.

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